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Car Teks Car Audio is setting a NEW STANDARD!!​

Car Teks is dedicated to raising the bar in NWI Car Audio Scene.  We have proven through the years that our installations, products, and service are leading the way into a new and improved custom car audio market! Get on board and get Crystal Clear sound and show quality installs!


Car Teks has truly began honing our skills in order to allow us to fully integrate our high end car audio products into any and every vehicle on earth! We specialize in Custom built and designed audiophile grade systems designed specifically for each and every individual customer. The product line-up that we offer is comprised of many hand picked components that not only provide the highest quality and best sounding products, but also the BEST VALUE! There is no job too great or task too difficult for Car Teks to handle, and we not only guarantee customer satisfaction, we THRIVE on it!

The Best Brands

Car Teks has hand picked the best brands and products to fill every need our customer can want.  We chose products that will be the absolute best deal for the price range our customer wants.  Whether that is a $100 radio or a $2000 amplifier!

Presenting some great names like Hybrid Car Audio, Alpine, Kenwood, Sundown Audio, Digital Designs, Hertz, Audison, and more!!

The Best Installs

Car Teks Staff has been trained by ownership and leaders in the industry.  We refuse to just "get it working" and choose to display a level of care and professionalism that is guaranteed to be a head above the "other guys"!

Custom Work

With years of hands on experince building the perfect subwoofer enclosure, fiberglass dashes, and custom speaker pods, custom work is not only something we do, it is something that we Excel at!  If you are looking to get custom work done, dont bother asking anyone else!!

Knowledgeable Staff

The Staff at Car Teks is dedicated to providing you the service you deserve, with helpful information, and the time it takes to expling your purchase to you fully! We not only want to help, we LOVE to help, this is our passion!

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